LASERTA is one of the largest suppliers of automobile tires and accumulators across the territory of the Russian Federation.

The company has been working successfully in this market for the past 17 years, continually conquering new market segments and acquiring new customers. Our main achievement is customer satisfaction. We have worked for more than 10 years consistently with many of our customers who have now become long-term partners and kind friends. Providing a positive experience, favorable responses, professional business decisions, combined with a skillful choice of suppliers and products, has been the key to our success. Now we have more than 30 000 clients in the territory of the Russian Federation extending from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Our offices and warehouse facilities are located in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Vladivostok allowing us to be closer to our customers, to better understand their requirements, and to solve their problems faster and more efficiently. In addition, we have our own transport company. This means that we can reduce delivery costs from the manufacturer to the consumer, thus enabling us to sell the goods at really attractive prices.

We offer a wide and diverse range of products - passenger tires, truck and bus tires, tires for a special equipment, OTR tires and batteries. This authorizes LASERTA to resolve most complex maintenance issues experienced by companies and large holdings.
With an effective system of direct sales (more than 60 sales managers) and our own retail network, we can quickly understand what each customer really needs, and react accordingly to any change in requirements.

The LASERTA company structure and the competence of our managers means we can satisfy the requirements of almost any customer category. We have a policy of Continuous Education and Improvement amongst our staff who frequently participate in training programs held by leading world manufacturers. We offer our customers weighed, intelligent decisions taking into account the real requirements of the client, service conditions of tires, and a reasonable parity of the price and quality.

Understanding the customer's responsibility, we very seriously discern a choice of suppliers and work with them. Among our suppliers, are some of the very best known world manufacturers who have positively proved their products in the markets of Europe and North America. Direct contracts with the manufacturer allow LASERTA to provide effective deliveries in accordance with each customer's requests, a quality service, and fast feedback from the manufacturer.

We have long-term successful experience with such world famous manufacturers as Hankook, Kumho, Cooper, GT-Radial, Continental, Titan, Double Star, Compasal, Advance, Rhino, Johnson Controls, Global, Yuasa and many others.

For the majority of our suppliers, LASERTA is the most important partner in Russia.

This is based on building a long-term relationship with the manufacturer and accurate performance of mutual obligations since mutual responsibility is one of the main principles of our work.

We are grateful to our suppliers and buyers for long years teamwork, for a choice us as the partner, for the trust rendered to us.
We wish all a sound health, success and well-being.

Your LASERTA team

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